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Run 4 is the famous continuance of the game Run which has conquered the hearts of most players who have sought for entertaining running game for their whole time on internet. The fourth sequel of the famous game is a bit different from other previous versions but still has the well-known platform which is known to the most number of players. It should be mentioned that the newest part of the game will have edit mode which will be full customizable by the player of any age and gender for maximum satisfaction. The main obstacle and the control keys have remained the same: in order to develop the fast navigation you have to use arrow keys and press the space button to perform the jump. As in the previous versions, the game quality is of the highest one but still, for the players, the developers allowed us to change the distance visibility as well as fps which allow any gamer to enjoy the whole day playing the fourth sequel of the beloved game. The goof thing is that you can pause the game in order to adopt with the speed which can be also regulated. Anyway, if you want to show off your best features, you have to be as fast as possible and have the speed navigation skills. The three dimensional course might confuse you but trust me, this is for the first sight only and then, time by time, level by level you will be adapted to the dimensional systems and enjoy yourself for a long time. However, the developers of Run 4 have thought about the gamer joy and decided to harder the levels which are more difficult to overcome. Be aware that this type of game requires maximum concentration and the skills of being highly memorizing so try to show your best!